Enjoy The Journey

The Peterson Company,
along with our partnerships in the food industry, have dedicated resources to the development of specialty proteins, fats and fibers designed for pet foods. Our expertise, and that of our partners, has allowed us to create a unique line of specialty ingredients for the specific needs of the pet food industry.

Contact us today for cutting edge research, formulations and technical support.

Solutions provided.

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Our Specialty Ingredients

The Peterson Company has independently developed an extensive line of high quality gravy mixes, glazes and retort stable analogs. The Peterson Company also works closely with the research and development groups of our numerous customers to develop proprietary ingredients that meet their specific needs.

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Cutting Edge Formulations

The Peterson Company, through our unique industry partnerships, has developed a distinctive line of products that provide nutritional value for pet food formulations. Contact us today for more information about getting the quality products you expect and your customers deserve.

Solutions provided.

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Reach Your Goals

Our broad exposure to the industry helps us coordinate the research and development of new potential ingredients and formulate them into marketable products. Our commitment to ingredient technology can work for you.

We are also adept and experienced at developing entirely new proprietary ingredients to meet your specifications, with assured confidentiality. Whether you’re looking for a new product line, or just want to add some spice to your existing line, contact The Peterson Company.

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We’ll take it from there

The Peterson Company
thrives off new and innovative ways to merge client needs with real world solutions. Our vast network within the petfood industry, along with our growing contact base of outside partners, allows us to provide our clients with a resource base unparalleded in the petfood industry. If The Peterson Company hasn’t been a part of defining your portfolio then it hasn’t reached it’s full potential.

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